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Default Pedal "migrates" while drumming. Solution?

Hi all. I just bought my son a Yamaha fp9500c pedal. He loves the way it plays, but it does not seem to clamp securely to the drum hoop. During the course of a set, it will kind of "migrate" so that it is no longer perpendicular to the face of the drum. I have noticed two things that are probably contributing:
1. The clamp has nice rubber inserts that probably are not gripping as well as the metal clamps on his old pedals.
2. The clamp itself appears to be designed to accommodate a much thicker drum hoop, so when it is clamped to his Tama bass drum, the face of the clamp is not really flat against the hoop.

I'm thinking that I should do something to build up the section of the hoop where the drum clamps, but I would like to hear what experienced drummers suggest. My son's band regularly gigs so whatever we do has to work on a variety of surfaces. I should also point out that I am not a drummer myself, so please go easy on me if there is some obvious solution that we are missing! Thanks!
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