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Default Re: What are the must haves for gigging?

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

1) stick bag
2) drum key
3) moongel
4) towel
5) Bass drum/snare/ 2 toms/ ( great if you could do with just 1 ideally.. ) & a hi hat
6) 2 cymbal- ( a ride and a crash )
7) drum throne
8) rug
Yep, that's about the bare minimum. I never carry moongel. Oh ..... earplugs. Hearing protection. Carry as many, or as few drums and cymbals as you see fit. One band I was in (for about two years) .... I only used kick and snare. No toms.
For probably 10 years I carried a spare snare and kick pedal. And never needed 'em. Then went 20 years not carrying 'em. And never needed 'em. But that's a comfort level you need to decide, for yourself.
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