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Default Re: Fiberskyn on 18" BD

Originally Posted by rstix View Post
You know I was going to get an emad reso head with a port - but I was talked out of the port by a few people. The port pushes out too much air on an 18" bd and the other reason is because a sound a engineer should be able to mic a bass drum well without a port. I guess it's just if he is in a rush a port might be easier to get the kit adjusted.
You can dampen a powerstroke to sound like an EMAD :).

Also, I don't understand the "pushing too much air" thing. 24" bass drums push exponentially more air but people still use ports in them.

And finally, sound engineers SHOULD be able to. That doesn't mean that they always WILL be able to. You could just buy another head and port your current one.
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