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Default Re: Fiberskyn on 18" BD

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Use a thin Diplomat weight Fiberskyn as a reso head with a felt strip across it.
Cut a small 3 inch dia porthole.
Use a Remo Powerstroke 3 coated as a batter head.
Tune the batter slightly tight. Tune the reso tighter.
You will have a great sound for both jazz and funk.
You know I was going to get an emad reso head with a port - but I was talked out of the port by a few people. The port pushes out too much air on an 18" bd and the other reason is because a sound a engineer should be able to mic a bass drum well without a port. I guess it's just if he is in a rush a port might be easier to get the kit adjusted.

Anyway - I'm not doggin' what you said - I'm so close in a debate now between an emad coated or the powerstoke 3. I was just playing an emad all night on a gretch catalina and it sounds great - really beefy.

The gretsch catalina has is 18x14 and my yamaha stage custom bop is 18x15 - so I'm assuming I can't go wrong with the emad as it should sould similar. Funny thing that set has an evans reso port on it and it sounds that I think about it.. I guess it really dosen't matter in the long run!!

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