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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Hi Leo,

Many players feather - Kenny Washington, Lewis Nash, Eric Harland, Adam Nussbaum...Check of Tony Williams playing Dolores with headphones on, then take one ear off. What do you hear?

There are two issues in mastering feathering: playing it softly and playing it in time. You've got to feel the connection between your right hand and your right foot. To make this connection vivid, and to master feathering, I suggest not worrying about feathering softly at first. Play the bd loud and focus on syncing up your rh and bd. Once you've gained some control it will be easier to reduce the volume of the bd.

When feathering becomes second nature you will find that your groove will feel deeper and fatter. The people you play may not notice when you are feathering but they will certainly notice when you stop feathering.

Hope this helps,

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