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Default Re: What are the must haves for gigging?

make sure you take an extra kick drum head
spare kick pedal
spare snare, or at least a spare snare head

These are essential.

Bring a drum key. I keep one on my keychain if I forget my drum key.
You need a drum rug. You never know where you will have to set up.
Anything else breaks and you can make do, but these are deal breakers if they break.
A mini flashlight comes in handy

I like bringing a spare key for my vehicle, on my person.

Make sure you have a nice throne.

I like having a spare hi hat clutch too.
I keep a set of spare tom heads, but they are not essential, you can get by without your toms
I don't carry spare cymbals because you can get by with a broken cymbal

A fan might help to keep cool.
I like having a pen and paper too.
Sucking all the fun right out of life....
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