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Default Fiberskyn on 18" BD

Hey Y'all I'm Ricky. This is my first post.

I've been playing drums for 10 years and I'm a junior at the University of Tulsa getting my BA in Music w/ a jazz emphasis.

So I heard some good reviews from the fiber skyn coated heads. I went to a drum clinic a couple months ago with Dave Hardman - the main percussion professor over at UCO - he was rockin' all fiber skyn heads. It makes sense because his long-time teacher was Jeff Hamilton.

I play a lot of jazz - anywhere from trio to big band - and besides lookin' super bad ass - I thought the fiber skyn head on my bd would fair better than my stock head.

FYI - I play a yamaha stage custom be-bop fusion size shells. So I special ordered an 18" fiber skyn. When I got it, I had a lot of trouble tuning it. So I brought it to my local music shop for a pro to help me tune.

We installed a standard remo without the a port on the resonate side. Tuned it up and couldn't get a good sound. It sounded like an orchestra bass drum. Hollow and empty.

So... we put two felt strips on the inside of each head - and re tuned it back up. I got a decent sound and took it to band practice. My band is funk/rock BTW - and so the whole band was thrown off by the new sounding bass drum. It had no thump or wallop - and even myself was throw off.

What I originally wanted was a Bd head that could play quiet trio jazz and loud funk rock. What I got was a motown/ super super retro sound that did not work for me.

I put back on the evans stock factory head and it sounded 1000x closer to what I wanted.

So... emadd? What do yall think is a good alternative for my style of play. Thanks!!!
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