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Default Re: Alternative to Speedking...?

Originally Posted by JohnnySomersett View Post
I cant see how the hinge by the heel can be moved up the footboard though, but, the longboard ones have a small overhang at the back that I reckon I could easily extend with a few minutes on the drillpress and tap and die set.

Personally the A series looks a little over-complicated for me...I like having less adjustments to worry about so the X seems a better fit.

It's a shame there's literally almost zero UK distributors to go and try before I buy though.

As for the refurbed SKs, I hadn't considered that much, Ill go have a look into it now.

Thanks y'all!
Hey Johnny,

You're right. You can't move the heel hinge.
But, it is made exactly for what you want to use it for. (The gentleman that designed the Axis pedal is a heel down player) There's plenty back there to get your "heel on". More than a SK infact.

As far as adjustments....there are only 3. (The Axis pedal actually has less adjustments than every pedal on the market)

Spring tension
Beater distance/height
VDL setting

That's it. The X series lacks the VDL but, I highly suggest you get the A with the VDL if you go that route.

Give me a day or 2 (it's the weekend) but, I'll find out who has em in the UK from Axis on Monday and, get back to ya here. There are a few dealers but, don't know if any of them will be close to you.

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