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Default Re: Alternative to Speedking...?

Originally Posted by scorch whammin View Post
Agree with Derek! ....and the A series pedals afford you more adjustments than the less expensive X series, so getting the hinge point where you want it can be done with the A series pedals....
I've just been over to the Axis website and had a dig around. Look like interesting pedals for sure.

I cant see how the hinge by the heel can be moved up the footboard though, but, the longboard ones have a small overhang at the back that I reckon I could easily extend with a few minutes on the drillpress and tap and die set.

Personally the A series looks a little over-complicated for me...I like having less adjustments to worry about so the X seems a better fit.

It's a shame there's literally almost zero UK distributors to go and try before I buy though.

As for the refurbed SKs, I hadn't considered that much, Ill go have a look into it now.

Thanks y'all!
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