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Default Re: Various birch birch birch.

I cannot comment on the actual birch wood details but I played a Pearl Masters Studio birch kit for several years - it was a great kit but I had tuning issues with the 10" and 14" toms - -when I say "tuning" I mean that they tuned up OK but did not have the nice clean over tones of the 12" and 16".

More recently, I have purchased a mid-90's Premier Genista (made in England) and I have to admit that it leaves the Pearl for dead. This kit has the best and easiest tuning on any kit I have owned. I think the undersized shells have something to do with the awesome "after-tone" of the toms - I have 10,12,14,16 toms all sounding fantastic. I realise that "sound" is personal and in the ears of the beholder, so these are just my opinions.

Interesting - I had not realised that the earlier Genistas were made from Finnish birch....


Pete :)
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