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Default Re: Question for Aquarians lovers (experts) :)

Originally Posted by jodgey4 View Post
Ditto that. This is a decent reference/comparison to the other companies if that helps- . The Super-2 is an amazing head - Like the Remo Vintage A - a 5 and 7 two ply head. It's a great head if you want the best of both one and two ply heads. The Hi-Performance is not something I've tried - it's the standard Classic Clear Snare Side with some extra film where the wires terminate for durability.
Plus it gives you a little of the crazy articulation you get with a Remo Renaissance Ambassador snare side or Evans Orchestral 300. Those are really great options for dryness & articulation as well (as far as I know, aquarian doesn't make anything like that).

(btw Vintage As are 7.5mil and 3mil. really awesome heads, though. perfect midpoint between my Ambassador and HD Dry.)
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