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Default Re: Boston marathon explosions

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
I just find that it's mighty curious that Putin volunteered the help within an hour or so of the bombing.They are actually Russian citizens and are from a region near Chechnya.Their father lives in Russia and was expecting them home for the holidays. Putin offers to assist when we don't even have a clue to who did it yet and are interviewing a Saudi Arabian national who was at the scene,tackled by a civilian and turned over to police,within an hour of the bombing.Nobody was thinking Russian Muslim at the time.

After over 20 years in law enforcement,I believe that somethings are coincidential,but this stinks

There guys don't show up on the radar for couple of days,and turn out to be Russian Muslims.

If it walks like a duck,and quacks like a duck,it can't be a turkey.

Steve B
I agree, Steve. The timing of Putin's "offer of help" isn't right. Why? What help? How?
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