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Default Question for Aquarians lovers (experts) :)

Hi guy, just bought myself a Ludwig Venus, Carl Parlmer signature snare (3,7"X14" beaded brass). I couldn't resist. The guy was asking 220$ (CDN) for it and he let it go for 180$ (CDN). Tried it, loved it, bought it :)

I'm more a Evans guy, but i like to try new things. I got 3 snares now. My Pork Pie Big Black Bob (black brass snare) with Evans Onyx on it. A Tama Straclassic Performer B/B with Remo coated emperor on it.

I've heard good things about Aquarians drum heads and i would like to try them on my new snare. The things is, Aquarian are not distributed anymore in Quebec (don't know if it's the same thing for the rest of Canada), but it's still possible to find some aquarians heads. If it's not possible i'll buy them online.

I know nothing about Aquarian. What would you recommend me for my Ludwig Carl Palmer signature snare?

Thanks guys. Have yourselves a great week-end. Hope my english wasn't to bad...

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