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Default Re: Boston marathon explosions

There are a number of odd things. But there was plenty of misinformation that just happens in the age of instant media. The Saudi national who was released and the "rumor" of him being deported. The Russian Muslims who were from an area near Chechnya- They might have been from Russian, but that doesn't mean their allegiance lies there.

I don't know the exact timeline of when Putin offered to help- If you're suggesting that he knew something...He has had to deal with Chechnyan terrorists and Russia wasn't exactly PC or delicate about dealing with those events. Maybe they keep low level tracking of potential suspects who emigrate from Russia. As the former head of the KGB, I'm sure he had some ideas in the aftermath. But I don't think you have to be an international spy to come up with suspects. Saudi, Chechnyan, domestic right wing, domestic left wing- how many more choices do you need to sift through?

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