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Default Re: Boston marathon explosions

As of 1:30 PM eastern time.,one suspect is down and another is being sought.They were brothers and both Russian muslims.The downed suspect died of both gunshot wounds and injuries he sustained from explosives he and his brother were using against the police(so much for possible suspect).

One MIT campus cop is dead(looks like he was assinated at this point) and 16 officers were wounded by both gunfire and explosive devices the two humanoids used to try to get away.

The city of Boston and surrounding suburbs are on LOCKDOWN.A major metropolitan city in America is on lockdown.We didn't even do that on 9/11.The FBI thinks these two were possibly members of a sleeper cell,which may or may not contain more members.

That is the reason for the lock down.What a lock down means is EVERYTHING is closed.The ONLY ones on the street are Police/FBI,fire and EMS.All civilians must remain at home.

A little strange that Vladimir Putin,the Russian president volunteered the use of his countrys services in investigating and tracking down these terrorists....on Monday....within an hour of the bombings..

Did I mention that these terrorists were Russian.Draw your own conclusions.

There are all verifiable facts which I verified from several sources before posting and not conjecture on my part.

I hope the other young man surrenders.We need to know why this happened.

Steve B
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