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Default Re: Alternative to Speedking...?

Originally Posted by JohnnySomersett View Post
I have been using old Speedkings since I was 14 (so, 17 years now) and will always love the things but... well, they keep breaking and I can't keep replacing them. Today, my current one stripped the thread on the beater holder (this is the 2nd one that's done this) so I'm gonna have to gig tonight with it gaffer-taped in place! Grrrr :(

I'm toying with the idea of finally upgrading to a modern pedal, but, i must say my experience with them is not great. Chains feel sluggish and I like how the hinge in the SK is an inch up the footplate so I can use my heel to recoil the beater - in fact, most of my technique is based around this action, so to lose that is gonna really affect me! I play with the springs very loose and most of the return action on the pedal is either head rebound or heel-driven with the hinge.

I tried IC's before and I hated them! In fact, Ive had my feet on a few chain pedals and theres just no 'finesse' to the feel in my opinion

Can any of you wonderful lot help guide me into something that might be good for my situation?

SKs are between 75-125 over here ($130-$200!!!) so it's an expensive taste to have to keep satisfying and I'd rather buy something that would last a few years. I'm no brand 'snob' but I'm also not made of money so any suggestions considered.

That's how much they are around the States as well. It's actually cheaper than other newfangled modern pedals you're talking about. I'd just get another Speed King. I've tried a lot of different pedals and none of them feel like the SK. What works for you already works. I'd stick with it.
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