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Default Re: Patriotic American song ideas for Memorial Day gig?

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
I really have to say..Americam Woman is NOT a patriotic song,but a rather negative ascessment of American women.

Google the lyrics for Rockin in the Free World,and you'll also see it's far from Patriotic.It talks about poverty and young mothers going out and getting high after her baby is asleep.

I think if you just Google American Patriotic songs,you'll see a lot of southern rock and mostly country songs will come up,especially songs from Toby Keith,Brooks & Dunn and Alabama

Springstein is not really patriotic either,so I'd give Born in the USA another listen also.

Steve B
Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
I do,and lots of other people do who actually listen to a songs music and lyrics.

Mention Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen to American vets and you're likely to get unfavorable reactions.

Steve B
Steve, definitely didn't mean to start any controversy........... I agree some of the songs are actually "anti-patriotic" a bit, but when I hear "Born in the USA" for example.............I guess I don't hear the bad stuff.

I've served this great country of ours all of my adult life..............but I still dig Neil Young and Springsteen.................can't stand their political views.............but they do have some great songs.

Originally Posted by AxisDrummer View Post
All excellent ideas and points. As a few have mentioned, even though many of the songs aren't patriotic (but have the words America or USA or freedom or...etc...) in the title or chorus, they would still go over because often the crowd just hears the buzz word and may not follow the lyrics or get into the deeper meaning.....especially after drinks.

It would probably just be one song. As someone mentioned, if we did the Star Spangled Banner, it would HAVE to be reverent. I wouldn't even want our singers singing it. Just an instrumental. Or possibly, just play a pre-recorded RESPECTFUL version of it.

And as JohnW mentioned, I also was thinking of a mention about remembering our fallen brothers and sisters and having a moment of silence before we kick into Blitzkrieg Bop (our opener.) And this is MOST likely what I could see us doing, since we may not even have time to rehearse more new songs (already have a few on the queue.)

Thanks again!

Good luck with it and let us know how it goes.
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