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Default Re: Alternative to Speedking...?

Ahh the Speed King. Pedal of my youth. When the straps broke I'd use plastic tie wraps to replace them. LOL! I wasn't so fussy back then.

Once you get particular about pedals, the price usually goes up.

I know that some of the pedals like the DW 9000 and one of the Pearls (Eliminators?) have interchangeable straps. You can have a chain or direct strap. The Pearl Demon has a direct model.

I've wanted to try some of the Yamaha direct drive pedals for a while. This one looks nice and might be a candidate. Yamaha Direct Drive Pedal

Not cheap and doesn't have the foot board feature you mentioned but Yamaha hardware is rock solid. I have some (not bass drum pedals) and they just keep going.

Bottom line is you need to get to drum shop to try different ones out. If you can find a good one it will probably cost more than the Speed King but will last longer

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