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Default Re: Double pedalling

Originally Posted by danielfallenhero View Post
You could look up examples of double bass fills + techniques on the internet, then practise them at different speeds.
Sure. E.g. look up for "derek roddy lessons" on YouTube, watch lessons #2 and #3. Those are superb for more foot control.

Derek Roddy's 1st DVD (Evolution of Blast Beats) has great advice on double bass, too - including exercises to get better balance because this is pretty important - being comfortable at the thronde.

George Kollias has 2 superb DVD tutorials out there, too - "Intense Metal Drumming" I & II (the 2nd one is brand new). Both have tons of great tips and numerous exercises/patterns.

Search for "double bass", "foot technique" etc. on this forum and you'll find lots of threads as this is frequently discussed.

This isn't exactly on topic but more overall recommendations as for great tutorials. They might/should help you though as they might hold a couple things you haven't been aware of or how to optimize your settings to make your playing easier.

Double bass playing takes a huge amount of time and dedication.

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