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Default Re: Help with identifying wood type

Nice drums. Yes - they look like Luan.
I recently had given to me a Royal Star (Star) 1414 floor tom. It was HarryConway - a member here - thank you Harry! It's Luan wood (Asian Mahogany).

It was a wrapped Pearl that someone had painted over with a thick black lacquer (it wasn't Harry....just sayin).

I could have wrapped it but I thought I'd try some stain and paint. The outer ply had a large V....there were two pieces of ply. I could have primered it and painted but I wanted to stain it. That would mean the lines separating the plys would show. I had some green paint so I used that with the stain. The first photo is a little dark - the picture with the other drums is more what it looks like.

So - you can stain the doesn't look too bad I think. If I was more of a Pro I might have taken the time to do a more of a 'fade' with the stain.

Here's the result....
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