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Default Re: How rare is it to find a band that has a practice space with a kit for you to use? Advice needed

Once. Thing is, the bassist owned the space and the kit. She was a basic and unsteady player; none of the band would have played with her if not for her practice space (and kit) and charisma. It's a tough decision to walk away if you're in it for fun.

I think it often happens - a well resourced weaker player attracts parasitic (lol) better players who want to enjoy their room and gear. Players with different tastes will turn up for the free studio and gear too. Law of the jungle applies.

What to do? Ideally you want your preferred styles, played well with nice people who happen to own a rehearsal space with kit.. So first thing to do is encourage / cajole / manipulate / nag / bully the band into becoming what you want. Not sure how often it works, but many have tried.

If the problem is more about taste than skill, bear in mind that playing different styles makes you a more rounded player, and sometimes a different style can grow on you. Might be worth persevering for a while and learning what's involved in playing the style with more authenticity.

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