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Default Re: Putting myself out there ( uncle Larry, this ones for you)

Originally Posted by chipotle View Post
Wow! Now that's going for it.
Gives you-all a couple months to put together a song list.
Covers? Any originals?
May I ask what your song list is like?

After your posts I can't help but wonder if I might want to gig again.

Hmmmmm Not ready for that.
All covers for this gig. Mostly your typical bar band stuff..Songs from 60s to today. A few examples, black horse and the cherry tree, down on the corner, rolling in the deep, home sweet home by Mötley Crue, brass in pocket, All summer long by kid rock, get the idea. These were all ones we played during my audition plus some others, We will start putting a full set list together when we meet next weekend.

I think I'm still in shock this is going to happen. I'm just going to approach it as simple as possible. Basic beats for everything with a fill thrown in when it feels right. You know...girls just want to have fun!
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