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Default Re: Axis A21 Vector double pedal

Originally Posted by ricohorton View Post
well hate to tell you but they now raised the price. guess i got lucky and caught it in time before they changed the price. now they have it listed for $668.75
I think I may have something to do with the price change...I ordered my vector dbl pedal from them as well...however, when I got it on Tuesday, my pedals didn't have the micro-tune, they had the regular springs...long story short, Axis is sending me out the micro-tune (MT) free of charge, because of the mix-up, but apparently Rupp's price was too low, so they pulled pedals off line for a day and put them back up yesterday(due to mix-up)..Rupp's sales person was very helpful as well making sure I got the MT I guess count yourself lucky that yours automatically came with the MT springs...
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