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Default Ever been called a hipster?

I'm 47, and this engineering intern asks me what I'm listening to. So..I tell him. It was Bob Mould I think. Now, I've talked to enough kids (sorry..young adults) to know that most of them have never heard of Rush or Deep Purple, let alone Bob Mould.

So he laughs and calls me a hipster.

I had to look up on the internets what a hipster is, and I did find some similarities!

Single speed bike (avid MTB'er...had a SS since '04)
Vinyl LP's (never got rid of them..always liked them)
Obscure musical taste (C'mon we're drummers)
Retro style glasses (I have them, but as a tribute to engineers of the past)
Ironic T-shirts (again..we're drummers so funny amusing t-shirts have always been cool)

I don't know what to do now. I can't have people thinking I'm trying to be a hipster at my age now can I?
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