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Default Re: Patriotic American song ideas for Memorial Day gig?

Originally Posted by longgun View Post
Here's a few..................

American Pie - Don Mclean

Pink Houses - John Mellencamp

Rockin' In the Free World - Neil Young

In America - Charlie Daniels

Living in America - James Brown

American Girl - Tom Petty

Good Luck with it

American Woman - The Guess Who

We're an American Band - GFR

Good Luck With the gig
I really have to say..Americam Woman is NOT a patriotic song,but a rather negative ascessment of American women.

Google the lyrics for Rockin in the Free World,and you'll also see it's far from Patriotic.It talks about poverty and young mothers going out and getting high after her baby is asleep.

I think if you just Google American Patriotic songs,you'll see a lot of southern rock and mostly country songs will come up,especially songs from Toby Keith,Brooks & Dunn and Alabama

Springstein is not really patriotic either,so I'd give Born in the USA another listen also.

Steve B
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