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Default Re: How rare is it to find a band that has a practice space with a kit for you to use? Advice needed

Yeah, pretty rare situation to have a practice kit there. I agree lugging drums around is part of it and I think a lot of reason the 1 up, 1 down thing is still so popular. But, and I know people aren't made of money, decent sets are so cheap these days you could pick up a used set just to leave at the practice space and just lug your cymbals around.

But from having played in bands for almost 20 years now, if you feel this weird about it already its probably a good time to jump ship. A lot of guys who do pick up gigs or play for their livelihood can leave all that stuff on the side, show up to the gig, do the job at hand and go home. But if you don't need the income and you are just doing this for enjoyment then you should by all means enjoy it. You may never find a situation where you love everything about the band, but it sounds like you have a pretty realistic point of view and there seem to be a bunch of negatives that together may be to big to overcome. Plus, its not fair to the band either. As sophomoric as they sound, if you are too embarrassed to even tell people the name of the band, you probably aren't going to help promote shows, get the word out, etc.
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