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Default Re: Various birch birch birch.

The vast majority of drums are built from birch sheet that's available on the open market. Almost all of that birch is destined for the construction board market. It's used as the outer decorative layer. So there's generally nothing speciaI about the birch sheet that's used to layer up ply shells. As you probably already know, there's a multitude of species within the birch family, so it's difficult to generalise about their characteristics other than the default averages. Stating the geographical area of the source tells you nothing about the species chosen. Frankly, I doubt most drum manufacturers even know what species of birch they're supplied with. Finnish birch (as in any other northern birch) carries a certain premium because the colder climate + shorter growing season typically results in slower growth thus closer grain. As a side note, it's actually quite difficult to buy quality solid birch boards, but very easy & cheap to buy sheeting.
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