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Default Re: How rare is it to find a band that has a practice space with a kit for you to use? Advice needed

Originally Posted by StickIt View Post
I remember reading about your issues, and I say take off.

It isn't easy to find a group of guys that you jive with, and that you jive with their musical taste, and that have a practice space and a set. It is possible, but not probable.

Lugging the kit is part of drumming, and although it's not always the most enjoyable experience, and can wear on you and your equipment, it is not that difficult either (once you're used to it).

It's really up to you at this point, but if you're really wanting to play with a group of like-minded individuals and enjoy yourself, just start looking for that group of people right this minute...
Thanks. Well here's the situation, tell me what you think. Their name (which I didn't know until after I had auditioned and practiced with them a few times) is something I would be embarrassed and uncomfortable telling someone. It has sexual tones to it and sounds like something a group of 8th graders would call their garage band and think was hilarious. I know it's just a name, but it is kind of a big deal to me to be able to tell family members what band I'm in and not cringe while I'm doing it since it's kind of abrasive and inappropriate in those settings. The fact that these grown adults thought it was a good idea to choose such a name sends up a bigger picture red flag to me as well.

Also, I looked at their facebook page, and the one main "leader" of the band basically uses it to espouse his own personal political views. It's not a matter of my political views not lining up with his as I couldn't care less, it's a matter of associating the entire band with those views. And he is in-your-face about his views, which I find very off-putting.

Now all that being said, musically they seem pretty good, and like I said the set-up is pretty ideal. If the name changed and I wouldn't be lumped in with any stupid political stuff I would probably go for it. But something tells me I would start to run into problems down the line again as they would still be the same people.

So given that info, what's your take (or anyone else's)? Also, they're expecting me to come to their next practice in a few days where we would be auditioning a singer. Is it a dick move to opt out before that and not show up? Or should I go and then tell them I'm leaving afterward? Can you audition a singer without a drummer?
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