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Default How rare is it to find a band that has a practice space with a kit for you to use? Advice needed.

I "joined" a cover band a few weeks ago and it's a good situation in that they have their own practice space and their own drum set there for me to use so I don't have to lug mine back and forth each practice. But I've recently found that I'm not really jiving with these guys and their sensibilities as well as I'd hoped, and I'm considering leaving now before it gets any further along.

But I first want to know just how rare it is to find a situation like this (in terms of practice space with drums set up), and perhaps whether it would be foolish on my part to leave so hastily. Is this a very rare occurrence? If I left, is it likely that I could find another band to join within the next few months that had a similar setup? Anyone have any general advice?
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