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Default Re: A Question about Pedals and Stands.

pedals come in an incredibly diverse price range. I still don't know who is buying the 600 to 700 trick pedals and why. I never tried them, so maybe I'm ignorant of the reasons. Tama Iron Cobra is what I use and have used for about 8 years. Same pedal. I gig about 15 times a year and practice once a week. I can't imagine this wouldn't please you. DW 9000 I have used, and , ya, those are great as well, but pricey. DWs feel a little more solid, though. I bet they can take a better beating on the road. But if you're playing at home, ICs will be sufficient.

Cymbal stands are the same. You get what you pay for. if your gigging, the extra bucks are worth it. if at home, a cheaper one is fine. All they do is hold cymbals after all....I recommend a name brand for everything though. Gibraltar stuff is a tank. Not too expensive, but not cheap, either. Are you planning on touring with these? I guess i should've asked that first....
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