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Default A Question about Pedals and Stands.

so you might know me from one of my 5000 of the new kti and equipment i'm buying.
i live in israel and i just bought a Tama Starclassic Birch bubinga.
the kit didn't come with any pedals or anything except for floor tom+bass legs and a tom holder.
so i want to buy a set of a few cymbal stands and 2 pedals.
i've heard good stuff about the Tama Iron cobra , and the DW 9000 pedals.
i wanted to hear what are the differences, is the difference between these brands and simple brands worth the extra price , which of the two is better or maybe anything else beats them both? does it only come to comfort , or does it affect sound too?
What's the difference between simple brands cymbal stands and big brand's? is the price difference worth it?
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