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Default Patriotic American song ideas for Memorial Day gig?

Hey guys (fellow Americans and of course fellow drummers from other countries),

We have a show booked for Memorial Day weekend and I brought up to my bandmates that we should really focus on the aspect of the holiday. Not to take advantage of it, because we genuinely love our country (my other 3 bandmates served the US Armed Forces), but I think we could really get a huge draw by promoting the holiday.

I already plan on flying the U.S. Flag in place of our band banner and having a static red/white/blue light presentation instead of our typical flashing sound-active light show.

But I'd like to try to cover a patriotic/U.S. themed song for this show. It can't be anything TOO difficult, because of our limited practice time before the show. We are a 4 piece cover rock band (2 guitarists), no keyboards. My immediate favorites are Born in the USA and Coming to America, but there ARE keys in there, although there could be some chance that part could be replicated on guitar. I guess the first thought is rocking the National Anthem and that could be the easiest way to go before we launch into our opener.

Any thoughts/suggestions?
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