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Default Various birch birch birch.

This is a super nerdy, almost OCD question, but what kind of birch gets used by all the companies out there that do alright with birch drums? Yamaha uses Indonesian birch on their mid-price kits and Hokkaido birch on their pro-grade kits (though i dont know what species of woods those are, so i dont really get the difference in quality), Premier used to use "Finnish birch," now they use "American birch?" I wonder what the difference is. Lets see, Tama used to use "Japanese birch" in their Superstar line from the nineties, Pearl and Sonor use "Scandinavian birch." What species are all of these woods, and which ones are the most tried and true out of all of these proclaimed high-grade birch woods from all these different areas, and what makes Indonesian birch so much worse than Japanese grown birch? I dont wanna accidentally buy a birch kit made with "American birch," like a Premier Genista, and end up with some dead shells as opposed to if i wouldve gone with a Yamaha Absolute Birch kit, whose birch is from northern Japan and might sound different in a better way. Anyone have any input?
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