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Default Re: want to buy a roland octpad while in US, but will it work back in the uk?

Originally Posted by Blackstone View Post
cant you just get the power cord you need when you get back to the UK. They sell spd30s there.

I say go for it. I have it and love it. Hours and hours of fun.
Cheers chap! Definitely picking one up this week!

Originally Posted by Croc View Post
I agree with Blackstone. Simply visit a Roland dealer in the UK and purchase a suitable wall wart. I'd have to check mine but I believe the actual power supply section has an input connector that enables easy swapping of the mains line. Bring that bad boy home!
I thought of that but didn't know if it would of worked but thanks for clearing it up! So excited to get one now! I've got a td4 at home as well so that's another awesome feature that I can plug parts of that into it too!

I've got an oldish carlsbro bass amp that's half decent, reckon that will work with well with it?
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