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Default Re: Powered Speaker suggestion for Roland SPD-SX

Originally Posted by PeteN View Post
Spleen....was looking at that one too, do you use that with a roland spd-sx?
Not yet--I've been torn between the SPD-SX and Yamaha's DTX Multi 12 but I think the Roland's sampling capacity and UI are going to make that the better choice for me. Right now I'm using an Octopad and Alesis DM5.

DMC is correct in that Behringer makes a lot of sub-par gear but I've been pleasantly surprised by the B215D. It's very crisp and clean, even at high volumes. I was ready to buy either a Mackie or Yamaha but after hearing this I thought I didn't have much to lose ($275 is pretty cheap for something like this) and I've been extremely satisfied.
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