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Originally Posted by PdoubleE View Post
I know this is a bold remark But Minnemann has brought somthing to the drumming community that noone else has. Incredible Innovation!!!! This guy is simply amazing
Actualy i lied in the Agren Thread I Think Minnemann may also be another fav !! Dang it too many Incredible drummers lol
Oh so there IS another Agren thread. Oops. Anyway, Marco was my favorite drummer to touch metal (excluding Coluita and Bozzio who IMO have insignificant metal output) before discovering Agren so I guess we are opposites in the regard. Agren is far more innovative though, Batterie / Batteria deluxe is unlike anything I've ever heard before and so is Agren's play-around soloing style. I can't post lengths easily ATM but if you're curious search "Devin Agren Deluxe" or something, that video made all the Devin/Zappa comparisons completely justifiable to me... two eccentric geniuses.
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