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Default Re: Roland TD-11 module questions

Originally Posted by scorch whammin View Post
Regarding this part of your question, the short answer is no, you won't be able to load superior drummer samples onto the module (via usb) and then play them through your would be nice if you could, but your module doesn't have the (memory) space available for these samples...however, you can midi out and use superior drummer samples using an external resource, such as a laptop...

Also, another avenue you can use for custom tweaked sounds for your module is VEX...they're not as good as Superior Drummer, BFD, Oceanway, etc..(i.e., true VST libraries) they rely solely on tweaking the internal settings on module, but they are pretty good....

As far as reviews are concerned, have you looked at the various drummer magazines (online) for reviews...your kit's been out long enough now, where I'm sure at least one of the major drum mags. has reviewed it by now...

Hope this helps...
Ah, that's unfortunate but I figured it probably wasn't possible.

When you say midi out, are you referencing using a cable to connect to something else (say a laptop) and then recording in a DAW/with superior so that I could get the sounds I want? If so, that's exactly what I was looking to find out. The reason i'm asking is because I want to use my kit to record drum covers but also to do pre-production recordings for the band im in, and I'd like to get the best sound I possibly can.

I haven't checked any drumming magazines but I should. Google doesn't yield much besides reviews on online music stores (Zzounds, musician's friend, etc) but there's only a few reviews and I don't really feel comfortable spending $500+ based on 3 random reviews.

Thanks for the response.

Originally Posted by gradier View Post
I recently bought the TD-11ks, and I'm very pleased with it.I added a second floor tom (there's an expansion option for one dual trigger on the module); I got a used PD-8 for $70; it can function as tom or cymbal. Even with fairly reasonably priced headphones (I have the ATH-M50), you get great base, and I have assigned the extra tom, naturally, to some nice base sounds from the library in the module. I don't know anything about adding drums kits from a computer, or at least accessing them as you can't add them to the module. But, I find the kit works very well with iTunes, especially since all my music library is in WAV files, not the 'lite' default iTunes mode, which severely reduces sound quality. I've also listened to songs on a USB, but of course WAV file songs are massive (CD quality and CD size) so you can't get many on a USB drive unless you get 128 gb. My iTunes library is already almost 100 gb, and I only started building it a couple of months ago. Check all the online dealers as they often have great reviews for drum kits (and they are often written by actual purchasers),
Between your and scorch's responses, sounds like it's not possible to load anything onto the module itself, which isn't a big deal, I was just more curious than anything. So you connected the module through iTunes on your laptop/desktop? I'm assuming to play along with songs in your library? I didn't know that was possible, but that actually makes me really psyched since I love playing to music. I, too, have the same problem with my iTunes library being too large to put on a flash drive, so it's nice to know a USB drive isn't my only option.

Since you actually have the module, how do the stock kits sound? I know you can mix and match sounds from different kits, but does the module have some sort of internal mixer so that you can tweak a particular sound? For example, if I wanted less sustain on my snare, is it possible to change that?

Unfortunately, I have already checked a good amount of online retailers and couldn't find very many reviews at all, let alone good ones. I wouldn't mind if there was a lot of them to read, but I can't get much information from 3 reviews, ya know? Plus, I trust anything that someone would tell me here more than a review from a random website.
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