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Default Re: Gretsch hinged tom bracket (G9025): does it work with 10.5mm rods?

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your reply. This bracket is indeed the one used in the RIMS system for the toms.

Before reading your post I went to a store to try a Gretsch tom with the 9025 hinged bracket on a 10.5mm rod and you're right, it doesn't fit (too loose).

I guess I'll have to replace one of the L-rods on my Tama tom holder with a Gibraltar 12.7mm L-rod. No biggie.

Thanks again,


PS. By the way, do you know where I can buy these hinged brackets for a reasonable price? I live in Spain and they don't sell them locally. I looked at a bunch of US stores and those that have them are rather pricey (must be the "vintage" effect of all things Gretsch :-D).

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