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Originally Posted by dancincrow View Post
Hey Guys
here's another from my personal collection. There will be more as I work my way through my garage!!
This is other "pride & joy" besides my UJ kits. It's the Limited Edition Premier 75th Anniversary Edition Signia Maple in Black Lacquer with all Maple hoops & Gold Plated lugs. This one is #75 which is very cool. I could never find out exactly how many were made but I think it was either 75 or 150? If anyone knows for sure I would be grateful for the info.
Thanks for looking.
My Good Lordie...what's that? I had a regular black Signia which looked and sounded great (I had to sell it for money starving...) but this is far beyond anything my poor heart can bear!! Lucky guy!! And also your other kits I see here are very nice.

Originally Posted by Michael.Brush View Post
I'm lucky enough to have an endorsement deal with Premier
Gorgeous kit indeed!!!! Stunning color!!!! If I close my eyes I can hear its sound...he...he..

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