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Default Re: Powered Speaker suggestion for Roland SPD-SX

Originally Posted by PeteN View Post
HI guys....I want to buy a Powered Speaker for my Roland Spd-sx to use along when I play my acoustic kit.

I was thinking about a Mackie SRM450v2 Active Speaker, but not sure if that's overkill.

Or....a JBL EON 515XT 15" Powered PA Speaker

Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
I have been using a pair of the JBL EON 15" powered speakers for about 7 years and they totally rock. They sound great, they are tough as hell and they are reasonably easy to set up. My only complaint is they're pretty heavy but that's just unavoidable.

I don't have any experience with Mackie speakers but you can't go wrong with Mackie and I use a Mackie mixer.
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