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Anthony Amodeo
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While it's good and entertaining to refresh your ears with new music, you should also consider listening to a single album for an extended time period, say, a week. Getting really intimate with a few tunes will, in my opinion, benefit you more than listening to a whole bunch of different material. As you get familiar with the performances, you start picking up new details and nuances you previously didnt'n know existed, thus giving you more enjoyment and appreciation for the music.

It's the same as with practicing: you can't work on something just for a day and expect lasting results.
I agree

when I first fell in love with jazz I would listen to the same record every day for a month or more......just couldn't stop listening to certain tunes.

I still do that

right now Art Blakey - A Night At Birdland Vol. 1 has been on my turntable for at least a week ....just can't take it off
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