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Default Re: Boston marathon explosions

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
To put a different angle on it, the people who are building and detonating these bombs...What would satisfy them? What would make them "self stop" the killing of innocent civilians? What is their real goal? What is their desired outcome?

I don't know, but just guessing, do they want everyone to drop their beliefs and subscribe to their religion? Is that the end they desire?

Humor me here, just say everyone converted to the same religion as the bombers. Would that stop the bombings? Something inside tells me no, but what do I know...
To quote a line fron I think the second Batman movie "some men would set the world on fire,just to watch it burn".I can tell you for certain,that after over 20 years on the job...those men DO exist.

It's tough to discuss the causality without invoking the R word,which is against the rules,and rightfully so.Sufice to say that these things do happen when common sense and humanity,takes a back seat to rage,hate and extreme fundimentalism.That encompasses ALL people and not just those of different locations and belief systems

That was the basis of my anti-terrorism training,which included both forgein and domestic threats.There will always be a group or even a single person that believe so strongly in an idea,that they believe they must make a statement for all the world to see.

This isn't a new idea,buy its just become more prevelant in modern times.All you need is 1 guy who is a true believer,a bomb,and the desire to inflict as much damage as possible.Asemetrical warfare can bring whole army's to their knees.

We don't as countries ,stand toe to toe and duke it out any more.You clearly knew your enemy.

Not now.Sun Tzu knew this when he wrote the "Art of War" when he said that you "must fight the enemy where he isn't'

We as a world society, are severely in need of a paradigm shift.

Steve B
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