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Default Re: Boston marathon explosions

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
I'm on an Amtrak train about a half hour out from Boston, for a business trip. The office I am going to is only 2 blocks from the explosions. This should be interesting.
You definitely couldn't drive in yesterday and some of the green lines were closed. But good luck!

QUOTE: originally posted by Aydee:
"So I go to your new thread and write out a looong , almost-as-thoughtful a post, and as soon as I hit the submit button - POOF!

Maybe the topic was too edgy, but I did manage to stay within the rules.. just so that you know : )"

Thank you for that! And God Bless Martin Richard...

I'd like to think there could be a forum where the majority could participate in, present their point, and others present theirs, agreeing to disagree, without disrupting the discussion. And if someone's way off or just wants to hear themselves talk, the majority says huh-uh by simply putting up the time-out sign. But I honor Bermuda's action, because he is probably right.
putting the funk in dysfunctional...

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