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Default Re: Help me Pick my Mics

If you've done the comparison yourself and like the way the D6 sounds, then get it. Otherwise you are going to be disappointed and probably end up buying one anyway.

As far as OHs the Oktava's really have no comparison in this price range that I have found BUT get what you want and what's in your budget. Is there a Music Go Round close to you? They have used Oktava's for $125 a pop usually and you can try them out and take them back if you don't like them.

I have used sm57's on toms and while not preferred, they are totally usable to start out with. Plus it never hurts to have a couple sm57's laying around so if you outgrow them, you can still use them for something like under snare or guitar amps etc. But if you like the Audix thing and want that heavy aggressive sound you could just go with an Audix drum pack and buy some overheads for about the same price as what you are looking at. I have heard the Audix stuff but never used it. For someone beginning to record they probably aren't a bad deal as they are pretty heavily EQ'd already and it may be easier to get that sound without all the tweaking that a D112 of sm57 needs. Personally I prefer the versatility and to tweak things myself, but I have been doing this for a while now so I am used to it.

Finally, I would encourage you to buy used when you can. Its a big savings money wise and for drum mics unless they have been toured with or beat to hell, it really shouldn't be an issue.
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