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Default Re: Boston marathon explosions

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
To start with, I dont think its clear yet whether this is indeed a terrorist attack. Fox news, NY Post and a very large section of the media are being irresponsibly presumtous, imo. They did the same thing at the time of the Oklahoma killings too. Everybody saw 4 arabs... etc etc

Lets wait and see what FBI has to say in the next few days...

I think your post is very introspective and deeply thoughtful. If more people understood that the 'people' everywhere are fine and its the political and econmic 'agendas' that prompt our actions to be sub-human, this might be a better planet to hang out on.Today it sucks.

Goodness sake Aydee! I cut it all off cuz I thought it might not be appropriate for this thread. So I started a new thread with it, but you caught it in between. Thanks very much. This surely is a time to be thoughtful. Please come to the new thread and offer some Aydee wisdoms...
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