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Default Re: Help me Pick my Mics

I had my heart set on the D6 after listening to sound clips with my eyes closed to not influence my ears. I really love the hyped sound of it. Should i get the beta 52 with the 3 Sm 57s to save me about 100 bucks?

As far as over heads i narrowed it down to the Audio Technica 2035s, AGK C1000s, or the rode nt5

Sorry to be a pain but Im thinking going with the D6 (kick), 3x sm57s (snare, rack tom, and floor tom), and 2x Rode NT5 (overheads). At the moment its $930 at Zzounds, but I get a %10 discount on this order, and can get them to price match the Audix D6 for 30 bucks cheaper.

Any objections?

Thanks so much guys. Im sorry if I come across as stubborn, but the D6 just sounds killer to me, the SM57s are so classic and tried and true, and the rode nt5 matched pair just seems like its worth the extra cash over the 2035s or c1000s.
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