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Default Re: George Kollias here...

Hi George,
just wanted to tell you that haven't even finished watching the 1st DVD of your new 2-DVD tutorial yet, I'm deeply impressed already. This one is really nicely structured - like your previous tutorial. The visual quality and overall appearance is a notch up compared to your 1st tutorial - which was decent anyway.

Thank you for taking the time making this one.
Double bass @ 300 bpm... crazy!!

I don't remember whether you've been using traditional grip on your 1st tutorial, too, but it was nice to see you play trad grip in your new one.

What I also like about your DVD - this also relates to your 1st tutorial - is that it's not only for extreme drummers but I think every drummer can/will benefit from it.

Also extremely cool to have that jazz/fusion performance at the end of the 1st DVD (your new tutorial), haha. It's a really nice and welcome variation from all the stuff discussed prior to that. Will check out the 2nd DVD...

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