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Default Re: New audio equipment arrived, almost ready to record.

Originally Posted by T-rex View Post
Sounds like you are off to a great start.

Phase will make a massive difference in your drum sounds. I am not familiar with the phase tool in Studio One but you should record a bit and try to listen to pairs of mics at a time while flipping the phase in your software mixer until everything sounds its best. For instance your bass drum may sound nice and deep through it's mic alone, but if due to positioning the OH's are out of phase with the bass drum mic then when you bring them up in the mix you bass drum sound will thin out. Move the bass drum mic or invert the phase on the bass drum mic until it sounds deep with the OH mics in the mix. Then do that until all the mics play well together.

I usually check:
The two OH mics against each other
BD and OHs
Sn and OHs
each tom with the rest
toms and OHs

Flipping the phase button (or inverting the phase) will only fix some issues because that only changes the phase relationship 180 degrees, some issues can only be fixed my moving the mics around until you hit that sweet spot. So if you have flipped the phase and you still have issues you should experiment with moving the mics and going through the phase again to make sure all the mics work together instead of fighting each other. Of course maybe Studio One does a lot of this for you. Its best to get it right before you track though as getting multiple drum mics all fighting for each other makes it tough to get a really solid drum sound.

And the hihat is like a virus, that thing shows up in EVERY mic!
This is all so amazing. Wish I had this 20 years ago, I'm starting from scratch and I'm taking my time but I can't get over how much fun this is, I feel like I joined a cover band without all the overhead and drama, lol. The quality of the drumless tunes I bought are not bad. Summertime is going to be nothing but yard work and "digital bandpractice" for me.

I'm loving the loop feature, I can practice adding some of my more interesting fills to the songs and nobody gives me lip cause I ask to play it over and over. I love it.

What I will try to do going forward is not add to much to the drums because I like the natural sound I get from the kit. I'm starting to understand gate, attack, hold and release as well as mic positioning I just need to bring it all together.

I completed two covers, Mustang Sally and Wild Horses, nice easy tunes, so I can work on my grooves and using the DAW. I have to learn to sync the video. I'm posting them later today so feed back is always welcomed. Thanks for the advise much appreciated.
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