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Default Re: Roland TD-11 module questions

Originally Posted by apossardt View Post
.....Next, for anybody who had the kit/module, do you know if it's possible to load samples onto the module from USB? As in, I was thinking of tuning a sample kit from superior drummer and exporting the sound files onto a USB drive, then plugging it into the TD-11. Is that even possible/plausible?
Regarding this part of your question, the short answer is no, you won't be able to load superior drummer samples onto the module (via usb) and then play them through your would be nice if you could, but your module doesn't have the (memory) space available for these samples...however, you can midi out and use superior drummer samples using an external resource, such as a laptop...

Also, another avenue you can use for custom tweaked sounds for your module is VEX...they're not as good as Superior Drummer, BFD, Oceanway, etc..(i.e., true VST libraries) they rely solely on tweaking the internal settings on module, but they are pretty good....

As far as reviews are concerned, have you looked at the various drummer magazines (online) for reviews...your kit's been out long enough now, where I'm sure at least one of the major drum mags. has reviewed it by now...

Hope this helps...

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