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Default Re: Putting myself out there ( uncle Larry, this ones for you)

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
.they are in tune with each other and the arrangements where I was not.
Nothing more than you'd expect Mary. I'm sure they pushed straight past that. They are used to playing together.

I'm just so pleased for you Mary. That first practice is a monumental step. Funny how something apparently so un-noteworthy to non musicians is such a massive deal to us players. I remember my first get together/rehearsal well (ahem, a few years ago), & it still has a special place in my heart to this day. First big step Mary, now for lots of smaller ones, each a little challenge in it's own right, but equally, each a little victory.

Gigging by summer eh! & why not - fantastic! A goal is a great way of adding focus to your band, but don't let it be a negative pressure on you. Sure, welcome it, but park it for the time being, & just soak up the vibe :)
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